Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ruby kisses haul

Went out with the old man and while we were on the east side of Evansville he asked if there was any places I wanted to go. I said hmmmmmmmmm! I had been putting off checking out the beauty supply store on Covert ave and so I decided to go. I was told they had Ruby Kisses polish and I love the 2 I already own: teal envy, yellowed out. So I was on the hunt to see how much they wanted for the polishes. They had a shelf of the what I consider the basic polishes for $1.49, now they are only $0.99 each on the site but then you have to pay shipping and not having to do shipping I see this as a fair price (unless I'm buying bulk) I fell in love with 4 polishes but I  was broke so the old man bought them for me ❤❤❤

Here they are in their glory! 

Jessica was playing with the pink! 

Playing with them now and a few mani of the day post coming soon!

Do you own any of these colors? Which are your favorite? 


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