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Sinister Benediction: Purple moon, Horse feathers, Aqua illusion Indie polish review

Sinister Benediction 

Disclosure: I received no compensation from the company whose product we are reviewing below. I have tested each product thoroughly. Life of a Mad Typer is independently owned and the opinions expressed here are my own.

I love polish, If you couldn't tell. I am addicted and was so excited to work with Sinister Benediction. I received 3 polishes to review.
  • Purple moon
  • Horse feathers
  • Aqua illusion

Purple moon

Purple Moon is a high shimmer multichrome polish with a fuchsia base color that shifts to pale yellow to gold. You can wear it alone, but it packs more of a punch layered over a dark base. It's also great for layering over lighter polishes.

Purple moon is a beautiful color and my favorite of the 3. This polish is meant to be used as a top coat but I used it both ways. At certain angles it looks silverish white but reflects purple. I love putting a coat over black and it made it this beautiful purple color. By itself it is a iridescent color and is subtle enough that it would even be great for the office ( for those that are more conservative work places.) This also had the longest lasting power of the 3 that I tried.

Horse feathers

Horse Feathers is a high shimmer multichrome polish with a peacock teal base color that shifts to blue and violet. 

Horse feathers is a deep sapphire blue with flecks of dark and turquoise glitter. This was my second favorite of 3 and lasted 2nd to last in lasting ability. The only reason this didn't last a long as Purple moon was because it began to crack, I am not sure as to the cause of the cracking. This was opaque in 2 coats. Without top coat you can see that it gives the appearance of a blue green but after topcoat it brought the blue out more.

Not only did it bring out the blue it almost doubled the wear time to about a week and a half before cracking began.

Aqua illusion.

Aqua Illusion is a high shimmer multichrome polish with a golden olive base color that shifts to blue and purple. 

This is a deep forest green polish with green flecks of glitter in many shades. I recommend top coat for this one as a necessity as it chips very quickly and it also brings out the emerald look to this color. Without top coat I thought this color to be blah but once topcoat was applied it caught my eye and was more appealing.
without topcoat

I found this polish to be of a streaky formula (which the other 2 were not.) and required 3-4 coats to be applied to become opaque. After the first coat you won't notice the streakiness. This may have been an off batch so do not hold it against Sinister Benediction as I said the other 2 were perfect in application and I did not have the same issues with them as I did with Aqua illusion. Every nail polish brand can have a off bottle and thats life. Even after the issues I had with this color I quite enjoyed it with the topcoat.

I am giving Purple moon 5 out of 5 stars 
Horse feathers 5 out of 5 
and Aqua Illusion 3 out of 5 stars.

If you love indie polish check out Sinister Benediction on etsy.

More pictures!


  1. I have an addiction to nail polish as well. I love those shades you have. I love unique nail polish colors. My favorite color is purple

  2. I am loving those bold colors. I love my nail polish to make a statement and these definitely make a great one.

  3. Those are gorgeous colors and look like they are high quality which I love!!

  4. I love the dark purple and green!

  5. I love all the colors and that they sparkle. OoOoOo LA LA!


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