Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Brushlab Zebra Cushion Paddle Hair Brush Review

Disclosure: I received no compensation from the company whose product we are reviewing below. I have tested each product thoroughly. Life of a Mad Typer is independently owned and the opinions expressed here are my own.

I have been testing the Zebra Cushion Paddle hair brush for about a month now. Its great to have on hand and I alternate it with my Knot genie. The knot genie I use when my hair is wet and the Brushlove brush I use on my dry hair. My hair knots easily and quickly and I love to be able to use this around my roots to remove any knots I find there without disturbing the curls at the bottom.

I love the cute design of the brush and the color and it reminds me of my favorite brush I used as a child.

Here is some information about the brush from their site:
This Brushlab Zebra-striped paddle brush in Pink is ideal for detangling, smoothing and grooming all hair types & textures. Heat-resistant nylon bristles withstand high temperatures & help massage the scalp.


This brush sells for an affordable $9.98!

I don't style my hair much with a blow dryer or straightener but I like having a brush I don't have to worry about melting for when I do.

Not looking for a new Hairbrush? The maybe you are in the market for new cosmetic brushes! They have those too!

This makeup brush set sells for $14.98.

If you are in need of any brushes of any kind then head on over and check out BrushLove!


  1. Love it. My hair is always getting tangly too!

  2. I need this for my daughter she wakes up with a rats nest in the back. such a cute brush too, thanks for sharing.

  3. That is a beautiful brush and I would love one that!

  4. That's really cute, I hadn't heard of these before.

  5. This brush loos cute and would be perfect for my daughter, have such a hard time brushing her hair.

  6. love the brush pad and the brush set, and the prices are great too!!

  7. Thanks for sharing. Good prices. I'll look out for these!

  8. I love the design and color! I really need this for my daughters hair as its a tangled mess when she wakes up...I think this brush would be perfect.

  9. I love the big brush and it's pink too. I live in a house with all boys and it's sometimes nice to have girlie things just for me. The price point is a good value.


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