Wednesday, June 26, 2013

ApHogee: Serious Hair Care and Protection

Products tested were provided by ApHogee in exchange for a fair and honest review.

 I recently had the opportunity to try some of the wonderful hair care products by ApHogee.  These products are designed specifically to repair broken and damaged hair and as many of you know if you have seen my profile on this site you've seen I like to dye my hair in very unconventional colors.  This takes a lot of upkeep with bleaching my roots every few weeks to a month depending on the color I'm using.  Darker colors like purple can go longer between bleaching the roots than say hot pink because they're less noticeable.

I bleach and dye my hair myself but I am not a trained professional so I don't recommend doing so yourself unless you're under the supervision of a professional hair stylist.  There are just too many things that can go wrong with bleaching your hair.  Since I do the bleaching myself I have issues with seeing the back of my head to be able to only apply the bleach to the roots and not the longer part of the hair that has already been lifted and dyed.  Repeated chemical treatments or over treatment (leaving the chemicals on too long or using too strong of a developer) can cause severe damage to your hair.  Some examples I have personally experienced are severe shedding, stretching and snapping, severe breakage and generally very fragile hair.  Now I'm not to keen on hair dryers, flat irons, curlers or any other styling products that apply heat but heat is another big cause of damage to hair.  Not nearly as bad as chemically over processed hair but damage is damage.  

ApHogee also has products to protect and maintain healthy hair as well but the products I tested for review are solely for the purpose of restoring and repairing damaged hair.  The first product I tried is the Two Step Protein Treatment.  This treatment is for hair that is too weak of fine to take a perm or relaxer (use the week PRIOR to service), over-bleached hair (that's me), will not hold color (use prior to application of color), breaks when combed or brushed (that's me again) and/or is mushy when wey and brittle after drying.  (I have also had this happen before due to over-bleaching.  It's not fun.)  This treatment uses magnesium and modified proteins which fuse into the hair with application of heat.  After treatment breakage is drastically reduced and after using the product I did experience far less breakage when trying to brush/comb or style my hair.  This can be applied at home or in a salon but as long as you have a hair dryer its really easy to apply at home.  Just apply the Two Step Treatment to towel dried/damp hair and blow dry.  Your hair will harden as the formula dries.  This is normal and means the treatment is working and the proteins are fusing with your hair.  When your hair starts to harden be very careful not to use too high of a setting from the dryer and don't try moving your hair because the solidification can cause your hair to break off.  Once all your hair is dried and hardened you will rinse the excess proteins out of your hair being careful not to move the hair too much until it is no longer hardened.  After rinsing the second step of the process will be to use the ApHogee Balancing Moisturizer.  You can repeat this process as necessary and for my severely damaged hair I was advised by the ApHogee Hair Expert to use about once a month.  

Wait...did I say ApHogee Hair Expert?  I sure did!!!  ApHogee has an ask the hair expert section on their website.  You can send an email form in describing the condition of your hair, how you style it, what chemicals you use and what you are looking to achieve and their experts will email you back with detailed information on what products would be best for you based on your hair condition and how you manage your hair on a daily basis.  The recommendation is very personalized and in addition to the Two Step Treatment I have been using their Shampoo for Damaged Hair on a daily basis which seems to keep my hair stronger between treatments and the Keratin Two Minute Reconstructor as a conditioner the quality of my stretchy elastic band-ish snapping off hair.  The elasticity is greatly improved and it doesn't break nearly as much.

I also tried the Keratin and Green Tea Reconstructorizer.  This is a styling product you spray in before you style your hair as normal.  The active ingredients bond to your hair with the heat from styling tools and helps reduce breakage and split ends associated with blow dryers, flatirons and curlers.

ApHogee products are sold at Sally Beauty Supply stores and there is a full list of products on their website

Products tested were provided by ApHogee in exchange for a fair and honest review.


  1. I need this stuff for myself. I also dye my own hair but the heat out here in the desert does a number on my hair and I have yet to find the right product for my hair. I thank you for sharing and letting us know about them, cant wait to check them out.

  2. I dye my hair myself as well. I will have to check them out. I need to redo my hair as well.

  3. I would love to try this product!


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