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Starlight Studio review

I was provided the following items for review by Starlight studio. All thoughts are my own.

Ok I admit I was born in the 80's but I don't remember those years because I was 2 when they ended so in truth I am a 90's child through and through. I was into Toonami like most 90's kid and jumped right in front of the tv after school to watch shows like Dragon ball Z, Sailor moon, and many more.

Sailor moon has been an obsession of mine for many many years. Basically I have been obsessed with Sailor Moon for as far back as my memories run. I had the keychains, the dolls, comics, wands, and musical lockets. They weren't all made the best but I loved them still I even made a few things of my own Including Sailor Moon Monkey


When at the 20th anniversary they announced a new Sailor Moon reboot cartoon (which still hasn't been released.)  an influx of re-releases began. The Manga were reprinted and some of the dvd collection hit shelves again (at places like Walmart! Which it never was at to begin with.) I then began to follow the new items being released and bought a few.

I still drool over all the items being released, but still I see the issues with everything being plastic. In the effort to make merchandise they forgot all the previous fans who are now adults and still made everything in plastic! With no official cosplay items in sight people are forced to make their own, or turn to the world wide web (specifically Etsy.) Thats how I stumbled onto Starlight Studio and their wonderful work. They make their items in professional quality ( like what the licensed merchandise should be done.) that means not plastic! Starlight Studio sent me 2 items to review.

Sailor Moon S Cosmic Heart Compact Brooch Locket Cosplay Doll PROP $19.95 USD

Info from the site:
Today we have our ♥ Sailor Moon S cosmic heart Compact ♥. This compact is made of Alloy Metal with crystal accents! This is a working compact, with the inside of double mirrors. Top mirror is standard, bottom mirror is 5X stronger. You can add a clip to the back to clip on to your costume, (clip not included)! This Compact is professionally made and made for everyday use! It will not break, chip or change like other compacts made of Clay, Foam, Hot Glue, and other craft store items! This is industrial made!!!!!!! The Red color is a colored epoxy, not paint. 

The compact, is a standard compact mold, and has been modified. That does not mean other Sailor Moon prop makers compacts will meet our Quality and Standers!

Why pay more, for items of less quality, and function? 

No need to wait!!! Items are made and ready to ship!!

Compact is 61mm by 69mm.

I really love this item its beautifully crafted and I don't have to fear looking like I'm playing with a childs toy or breaking it. It looks just like the one from the anime and I just can't stop looking at it! Its a functioning mirror and a great addition to any Sailor moon addict's collection. The gems are well attached and sparkle beautifully, this compact gleams in its perfectness. (I'm telling you the official Merch makers need to take note from this perfection.)

If you like me dream of Sailor Moon accessories then I suggest checking them out on etsy because this isn't the only 2 items from Sailor Moon that they make. I plan on making a purchase for the other Sailor Moon locket when I get a chance. I give this a Hell Yea! and 5 out of 5 stars!

Sailor Prop Cosplay Moon PGSM Silver Bracelet $19.95 USD

Info from site:
Today we have our ♥ Sailor Moon PGSM Silver Bracelet♥♥. This Braclet is made of 316L Stainless Steel, with crystal accents. Like I said, the baby is metal, with high gloss silver chrome polished platting! 316L Stainless Steel, is surigical grade. Nothing you find in the craft store will even come close to it. The Chain, Charms (Hearts and Stars) are all made of 316L. The pearls are man made. The Center pendante is also made of 316L steel. The chaine runs throu the Cham, to make it scure. The center stone, is a Acrylic Crystal. it was attached to the Charm with a industrial eppoxy fix-it. The chain attaches with a 316L lopster claw. It can attach to any loop by the charms to fit many different size wrists. Braclet is appx 8.5" long.

Made for everyday use! It will not break, chip or change!

Braclet is appx 8.5" you can use the lopster claw to attach it, near any of the charms to fit any size wrist!

This dainty (but strong) little bracelet is befitting the moon princess in you. I am as clumsy as Serena ( and thats pretty bad) and I don't fear that I will break it when I wear it. The thing I like best on this is that its made from Stainless Steel which means I won't have an allergic reaction from it  like I do with the official merch (which includes nickel in the metals.) I love the dangling heart charm that just adds to the cuteness of this bracelet.

I also give this a 5 out of 5 stars

You can find Starlight Studio on 

So if you are looking for Sailor Moon or Power Rangers Cosplay (or everyday) accessories then check out Starlight Studio.

About them!

We started making costume props as a hobby. We were looking at some of the items offered on other online retail sites, and we said, "hey, we can make these better looking, MUCH higher quality, and sell them for a lot less than what was currently being offered." So we did. 6 years later, it has turned into something we would never have imagined. It has turned into a second full time job for everyone involved here at Starlight.Studio. However, we enjoy doing this so much, it never feels like a job. Every team member has a passion for what he/she does, so instead of it feeling like a job, it feels like "recess time" for us after our other full time jobs. With out the passion driven mentality of our employees, we would never have been as successful as we have become. And hopefully, this is just the beginning of our wonderful little hobby. Our customers/fans constantly push us to make better items, and a wider variety of items. Which we do our best to meet everyone's wants/needs as quickly as possible. Without the feedback we get from our followers, we would fell lost. We love the feedback, questions, and requests for new items.

I was provided the above items for review by Starlight studio. All thoughts are my own.


  1. I'm a big fan of sail,or moon love it badly thanks for tip I'll check their website soon

  2. I love Sailormoon! I so want that bracelet!!!

  3. These are so so cute and I remember Sailormoon too. They look so well made.

  4. Oh my goodness, your not kidding, use grown fan girls don't want plastic. Heck, as a parent I don't like buying most plastic for the kids and will choose better quality when ever possible! Thanks for sharing this review!

  5. I was never a sailor moon fan. I'm an 80's child. The bracelet is beautiful though.

  6. Very pretty bracelet but I think Sailor Moon came out after my time as a kid! LOL!

  7. I love love that bracelet. I like how that it has the stars and hearts on it. Sailor Moon I remember her too. I was a 80's child and I think it's pretty cool that they made this bracelet.. Ahh the memories. Thanks for the review!

  8. that is super cute.. i love sailor moon

  9. my PGSM bracelet lost a star idk how it did but im like WTF now i only have 2


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