Thursday, May 2, 2013


I received a sample of this product in exchange for an honest review.  All the thoughts and comments in this review are entirely my own and not influenced by any other sources.

Hey everyone, I recently had the chance to try an awesome product called Funk-Off Piercing Deodorant.  For those of us that enjoy body modification art we all know that stretched piercings tend to have a distinct odor due to bacteria and dead skin cells building up on the inside of the piercing.  This unfortunate side effect only gets worse the larger you stretch your piercing and no piercing is immune to this offensive issue.  No matter how often you remove and clean your piercings and jewelry it seems like you can never get that "funk" totally off.

I have lobes stretched to 1/2" which is not a huge size by any means but I still have the stinky dead skin smell, so I can only imagine what someone with much larger lobes or heaven forbid a stretched septum has to live with.  Now my normal routine was to take out my plugs and wash my ears with antibacterial soap while showering (and I'll be honest I just don't have time to do this every days so sometimes my ears would get extra eww nasty) then massage them with vitamin E oil to keep my lobes soft and moisturized.  Vitamin E is also good for helping slide the plugs back in after a good cleaning.  But still, even if no one else could smell the odor I could and I'm the kind of person who fidgets and I have a habit of playing with my earrings (idle hands and all) which causes the gunk on the inside to hit the open air and makes the smell worse.

Enter Funk-Off Piercing Deodorant!  I am in LOVE with this product!  Funk-Off is an all natural piercing deodorant that is petroleum free, has a nice clean smell and ACTUALLY WORKS!!!  This all natural product is about the consistency of thick lip balm in a .25 fl oz jar.  Please note this is for healed piercings only but it is very soothing and keeps your ears smelling funk free for days.  I know .25 fl oz doesn't sound like much for the $16.00 price tag but honestly for me one jar will last a few months or more since a little goes a long way.

Application is quick and easy.

1. Remove your jewelry.
2. Work the Funk-Off™ into a lather with your finger by rubbing the product in the container in a circular motion with a bit of pressure. This will create a warm friction that will liquefy some of the product.
3. Rub your piercing liberally with Funk-Off™, making sure to get inside your piercing and all around it and continue to massage until the product is absorbed.
4. Wipe excess from your finger and from your piercing on to a tissue or cloth.
5. Use the tissue and cloth with the excess Funk-Off™ to wipe and clean your jewellery.
6. Re-insert your jewellery.
7. Enjoy a “funk-free” day!

The jars come in an array of colors, some with crystals and some without.  I like the purple and the teal the best but they have some manly colors without crystals as well.  Honestly, who cares about the color of the jar?  The product is what's amazing.  I would give this product five (5) out of five (5) stars.  You can find more information about Funk-Off at  


Update 6/20/2013

I have been using this product for several months now and I can't say enough great things about it!  My stretched earlobes no longer get sore and as long as I take out my acrylic plugs at least twice a week and wash the plugs and clean out the inside of my ear lobe really well there is no odor at all.  Now that its getting hotter outside if I've been sweaty I will usually clean them three times a week because the sweat will cause some odor but nowhere near what a normal 1/2'' stretched lobe would have.  If I'm wearing my steel sleeves (the type you can see through) they are not porous so I can definitely go with just taking those out twice a week to clean the sleeves and my lobes really well.  Then add the Funk-Off and I'm good to go.

I also wanted to bring it to everyone's attention that I found Funk-Off available at my local Hot Topic store in the body jewelry case. 


  1. This sounds awesome!! Who would have thought!

  2. A much needed product these days with everyone having so many piercings.. I had no idea they existed.. Thank you for sharing this

  3. Great review! I have never heard of this product before I agree who would have even thought to create such a product. I am sure it is well needed in today's world.

  4. Cool product. I would have never thought they even had a product like this. Good to know. Thanks for the review!

  5. I know right?!?!? I'm in LOVE with this stuff. It works so well I can actually go a up to three or four days without removing and cleaning my plugs. I'm definitely going to keep purchasing this product.

  6. This sounds like a really cool product. I think all businesses who do these type of piercings definitely should be carrying something like this. Great review and thanks for sharing about the company and product.


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