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Soda Stream Jet review

Soda Stream Jet review

I have wanted a Soda Stream for quite some time and was quite excited when I got the chance to do a review! I received the Jet model  from the Soda stream line and excitedly pulled it from the box.

The box included
carbonation tank
sample pack
Machine in black
1L bottle
diet lemon lime
diet pink grapefruit
black currant and pear
ginger ale
naturally sweetened cola

root beer
cranberry- raspberry
Mywater variety pack

I have since then Purchased:
cream soda
fruit punch cool-aide
2 half liter bottles

 I was afraid I would put the machine together incorrectly and checked to see if there was instructions on how to put it together. By put it together I mean installing the cO2 tank, no matter how I looked I couldn't find  anything telling me how. The only thing I could find was how to use it after its together. So what did I do? I turned to YouTube and watched the video's I could find there and watched some British boys put one together. 

What I was missing? Well the 2 gray ovals on the back have to be pressed in at the same time and lift the back at the same time. It feels almost magnetic when you pull it back. I laughed at myself that it was so simple I don't know why I was so worried. Well after getting everything together I filled the Bottle with water to the line marked on the bottle and pressed the bottom as instructions said to do When I did I heard a loud boom which scared me! I have it on video and It scared the crap out of me as I wasn't expecting it. When I tried to push the button again all I got was carbonation spraying everywhere. I spent hours working on trying to figure out the problem. I unscrewed the bottle and tank over and over hoping it was simply something I hadn't screwed on tightly enough. I googled the problem I had and found that sometimes 2 gaskets are inside and cause a malfunction which was not my issue. I pulled out the flashlight and found the issue, what was it you ask? Well I'll show you.
 Now I know you don't know what your looking at but I will show you what it should look like.

What is missing do you see? Look at the first and then look at the 2nd.
The piece that holds the hose that distributes the gas to the water and the hose is missing. Where was that piece you may ask? When I used a flashlight I seen the piece shoved way in the back and because of the small opening it seemed as if it was impossible to get it out. I spent several more hours trying to fix it before I gave up. When the Old Man came home from school he gave me some tools that allowed me to fish out the screw on piece holding the hose.I got it to the front of the opening but was unable to get it out the Old Man assisted me with pulling it the rest of the way and putting it back on. Finally its fixed! I tried again and BOOM it blew off again. I was so upset I gave up for the night, I was so tired and disappointed and needed to go to bed for work. I emailed the company letting them know the issues I had with the machine 2 days and the only response I got was that they would see if they could replace the soda stream. The Old Man was able to resolve the issues while waiting on the company to respond and I told them Never mind on the replacement I had a response in a few hours.

The good:
I have had the machine for about 30 days or less and have enjoyed it after the initial problems. I love being able to make soda when I choose and getting to make a different flavor with each bottle. Being able to choose how much carbonation I get is even better as I love highly fizzy soda's, But if I were to purchase this product myself I would highly recommend buying the Dynamo model or higher as they appear to be made of a stronger material then the Jet. The Jet is made of a plastic that is very lite weight and when I pulled it out of the box I was amazed at how lite it is but I like it because its so easy to move around the house. 

My favorite flavors are:

My least favorite is:
I think the reason I don't like this is its unsweetened and so it has a very carbonated flavor not much anything else I plan on trying this in unfizzed water with sugar to see if I like it better.

The Old Man's favorites:

The bad:
The measuring isn't exact, each flavor take a different amount to take right. There is no lines on the lid to "measure" with and a whole lid is WAY too much. I have started just filling it half way and then add to taste.
If you want to purchase this machine I highly recommend checking to see if the cO2 tanks are available for exchange in your area as reading the reviews on amazon that is something that was an issue experienced by many. Lucky me at my local Walmart they are available for about $15 to exchange.  I am afraid also that the lack of response that I received is an example of the customer service that is given by the company. I know that many may think that because I received this product for free I should not complain about the customer service I received but I would think a company would treat me just like they would a customer because basically I am a customer and I am supposed to write about the product and the experience that I had. I have since read the reviews on amazon and the review count is as follows.
3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars


Most of the 1 and 2 star rating speak of items missing from orders (and still haven't received months later and no refund being offered) ,incorrect orders and ect. An example of one said that they ordered 9 different flavors, but received 9 of the same flavor. Other issues are where people ordered things in Nov/Dec and still hadn't received. In this review I have stuck mostly to facts with the exception of my reasons for why I liked and didn't like it. I leave it to you to interpret this as you will, but I do not believe that I should have had to repair a product that I received spending hours trying to resolve the issue. I know many that have the same model that adore it and have had no issue, but my experience was marred with issues from the beginning.

Do you own the soda stream? What is your thoughts?


  1. I have one that I won in a giveaway! I have been afraid of things like you describe.. I haven't really had the time to get it out and I want to try it when my guy is here to help too!

  2. I have never tried one. My niece wants one really bad, but no way could my Sister mess with the problems you had. I think that poor customer service would be a reason for me not to buy this. Thank you. Vicki

  3. I have always wanted one too but now I second guess wanting that purchase

  4. I also received one to review...we didn't have any major issues thank goodness and my husband and boys like it...but i do agree on the soda have to tweak it a it for each flavor...i think you handled this very fairly!

  5. I have always wanted one. It seems ideal for different tastes of soda. I like the more fruity flavors while my hubs likes traditional. Thanks for the open and honest review. If we ever do get one I will take your advice into consideration :)

  6. I've been wanting one of these for a long time. I have heard nothing but great reviews! I would save alot of money with one of these. My family drinks soda and I drink energy drinks and Soda Stream has so many different favors available, including any type of soda you could think of plus a red bull flavor! Score!

  7. I have one and I love mine, and it is a jet. But I didn't have trouble with mine. I love how you put it out there for everyone to make up their own mind while presenting the facts.


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