Monday, March 18, 2013

Rebellious Addiction Two Rhinestone Heart Wrap Cuff Review

Rhinestone Heart Wrap Cuff

So if you haven't been able to tell from my blue hair or lip piercing, I'm into the alternative life style. I love clothes with studs, spikes, and chains. I was searching online one day for new alternative accessories and I found this amazing company called Rebellious Addiction Two. When it comes to accessories to me its like a kid in a candy store, I just want to look at everything. I got the lucky chance to do a review and a Giveaway with this amazing alternative company.

received the Rhinestone Heart Wrap Cuff to review. I have bought many cuffs and collars and things made from leather and I notice they usually don't hold up well. They are usually not made very well which is always my disappointment. I brought a necklace once when I was younger before I had a car from Hot Topic. I excitedly put it on and got on the bus. Not even 5 mins after the bus left the necklace broke, that was just one of many times. When I received this Cuff I was afraid the metal balls around the edges would come off but after wearing it and looking at it I see how well its made. The gems are well attached and I don't have any fear that they will come loose and fall off like spikes on spiked bracelets tend to do that are attached by rivets . Generally I thought about super gluing them shut but I know the leather wont stay together long so I prefer to be able to remove the spikes once the leather has gotten old and broken. The leather on this bracelet is very well made its thicker then any other cuff I have ever owned and I love the texture that has been worked into it.. 

Here is some more info about the bracelet:

This stunning heart cuff will have all eyes on you. Black leather and plenty of rhinestones make this cuff a must have!
Rhinestone heart wrap cuff
1.75″ width
Length approx 9.5″
Snap button closure

 As you can see the gems are actually riveted on which with this type of product is really a smart move but a lot of companies don't do that and to me that's what sets Rebellious Addiction Two apart in my eyes. The heart does have screws on the back but they used 2 not just one and I can't make them budge by hand which I take as a good sign that it won't be falling apart anytime soon.

DescriptionLet us bring the latest trends in clothing, jewelry, and accessories directly to you from the internationally renowned, Los Angeles fashion district.

General InformationHand picked, unique, fun and fashionable womens clothing, denim & accessories.

Trunk shows, home shows, and private parties!

Let Rebellious Addiction Two help you raise runds for your favorite charity, school, club or sports team. Call for details!

They have everything you could want. Skulls and studs galore! 

Where to find them

Giveaway will be starting on 3/25 keep an eye out!

I give the Rhinestone Heart Wrap Cuff by Rebellious Addiction Two 5 out of 5 stars.


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! I LOVE THE SKULL TANK TOP!!! I have to check out this site!!! Thank you so much for this review~!~!~

  2. I LOVE that cuff - stunning!!

  3. I loved working with this company :)

  4. Love it! My teenage would love this plus I like the tank top. I will check them out for sure for her birthday. Thanks for sharing about the company never knew about them.

  5. Oh goodness I love that tank top. I am going to check out this company. Thank you for your review.

  6. You're so gorgeous I love your style and the bracelet is amazing now I need one!!!!!!!!

  7. I liked Trendy Rhinestone Studded Fluer di Lis Tee

  8. I like so many items at the Rebellious website! I liked the High Low Sheer Pink top! Also I think this bracelet for the giveaway! It is so rad! I am considering looking at some of the other items and seeing what I can get!

  9. Love that tank.. And they have some really cute flip flops too

  10. I already have 4 things I am ordering on Monday this site is awesome. And totally my style!

  11. I already have 4 things I am ordering on Monday this site is awesome. And totally my style!

  12. What dye do you use on your hair? I've been considering some blue peekaboo highlights.

  13. This is very cute! I love your hair, I use Manic Panic as well. If I could wear stuff on my wrists I would totally grab this up! Thanks for sharing.

  14. Awesome review, thank you for introducing us to this company, I had never heard of it before! Love the shirt!!!!!


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