Monday, March 11, 2013

Diggin' Belly Style Giveaway

I think this style Is amazing! I love flowy colorful skirts makes me think of gypsy's from the movies! Enter below to win and good luck!

Visionary Bri is so happy to offer you this Belly Dance giveaway.
Fashion and dance collide where costumes meet clubwear, props and makeup.
Our sponsor, Belly Dance Digs has offered our readers a
$25 credit
toward any purchase in their store.

Offering hip scarves, skirts, wings, makeup and other dance supplies,
Belly Dance Digs has everything you need to step out on the dance floor
and shine like an exotic jewel.

Whether you're a belly dancer or just dig the belly dance style,
Belly Dance Digs has it all, for you.

This is the skirt they sent me, Visionary Bri.

I just love the jewel tones and the ruffle-esque hem.
I'm pairing it with a beautiful turquoise top and couldn't be happier with it
as far as style AND quality.

Maybe you'd like something with a bit more of a design on it?
Check out the Arabian Treasure skirt, available in lots of colors.

If striking makeup is where you're after, check out the Cleopatra Make-up Collection.

With hip scarves, silk fans, shoes, zills and more,
whether you're a dancer, a LARPer, an actor, costumer,
or you just want a little extra fashion pizazz for a girls night out,
I'm certain that you'll find something on Belly Dance Digs
that you'll just fall in love with.
I know I did.

And, the best part is that the prices are so reasonable
that you can stock up on items in lots of colors.
For dance wear, street wear, cons or faires, these prices just can't be beat!
I know where I'm getting my skirts from now on.

All entries for the giveaway are voluntary.
Must be 18 or older and US resident to participate.
By entering a giveaway, I understand this is a marketing promotion.
I also understand that my email address may be used for marketing promotions in the future
and I am aware that I can unsubscribe from marketing emails at any time.

Giveaway ends 3/24/13 at 11:59pm Central Indiana time
For any further questions, please feel free to email me at

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  1. These look awesome.. what a great fun giveaway.. thanks


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