Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bulu BOX march review.

I received the Bulu BOX this month to try and I shared it with my coworkers since each of us have a different activity level.

What came in the box!

Dream Water
Prolab Quick Fire
Aero Shot energy
At Ease PM

Aero Shot
I tried the Aero Shot while at work one night when I was super tired and having trouble staying awake.
Let me tell you! When I tried this is just read the back which says:
I didn't read anything other then that so I opened the pack and this is whats inside.
I received it in Raspberry (not a flavor I'm fond of) which I am not sure if that is the reason for the reaction I had. I inhaled the AeroShot Expecting something like an inhaler, like a mist but instead I was attacked by powder in the back of my throat. It left me coughing and sputtering for about 5 minuets, and I downed half of the drink I had with me (can't remember if it was Mt. Dew or water). I can tell you I was awake and alert after that but I don't know if it was the Shot itself or the Shock of it. Maybe they should call it Aero Shock! It was very sour tasting like I just inhaled a pixie stick but raspberry (like I said not a flavor I like.)
I saw these in the store and wanted to try them so I am glad it was included in the box and even after my experience I am still considering picking up the green apple and giving it a SHOT since I know what to expect now.

Dream water
Worked just as it said and helped me to sleep a full nights rest and didn't taste as bad as I thought it would.

Prolab Quick Fire
This was in fruit punch flavor and my coworker said it tasted great and wasn't gritty.

I tried this one and ended up throwing it away. I tossed one in my mouth since it said it would dissolve I sat and waited. After a couple of mins I got a horrible taste in my mouth that made me feel like I was going to be sick so I threw away the remaining unused pill and spit out the rest of the other (no one else wanted to try it after seeing the look of horror on my face.) 

At Ease PM
I sent this home with a coworker that has trouble sleeping and he said it put him out very quickly and he slept all night! He liked it so much he's looking at buying it!

All in All

If you're into weight loss supplements and looking for new ones to use this BOX is for you. I on the other hand am going to stick with what the doctor tells me to use and beauty boxes.

About Bulu Box

Feel Good Discovery
Sign Up

We do our best to put items in your Bulu Box that match your account profile. However, at a basic level we offer two box types to choose from:

Bulu Box: As the first and only vitamin and supplement sample box, this box includes a well-rounded sampling of vitamins and supplements that help in all areas of health. Each box contains 4 to 5 premium samples plus lifestyle extras from time to time. Every box is a feel good discovery.

Bulu Box Weight Loss: As the first and only weight loss subscription box, this box was designed with the specific goal of weight loss in mind. Each box contains 4 to 5 premium weight loss items such as vitamin and supplement samples, fitness gear and healthy eating tools. Discover products to help you succeed with weight loss.

Each month you’ll receive a new box. Here’s how it works:
Sign Up: Choose a month-to-month, 3, 6 or 12 month plan.
Sample: Sample each vitamin or supplement and try out the fitness gear or weight loss items.
Earn Reward Points: Earn 50 points ($5) or more each month for completing sample surveys, sharing and subscribing.
Save: Use your Reward Points to purchase your favorite products!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


  1. Ive tried the Dream Water and the Aero energy shots....loved the dream water...the aero was ok lol great review!

  2. I need dream water for my daughter. She has trouble sleeping every night and then is tired all day.

  3. I have tried Dream Water and the Aero Shot too. Having a box like this seems really good. You dont always know if something is gonna work for you, so to have this Bulu Box is a great service. Thanks for sharing about them.

  4. Now Dream water is something new that I haven't heard about, I might have to give this a try, it might help me out since my hormones prevent me from sleeping at times.


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