Friday, January 4, 2013

Beyond the Zone Color Jamz - Bubble Head Pink

Beyond the Zone Color Jamz - Bubble Head Pink
If you've seen the about me section of our blog you can see that I don't really have a hair color you can put on a driver's license and I know I'm a brunette but exactly what color of brown my hair used to be I could not tell you.
 I enjoy making everything a little more exciting and to quote Aerosmith "Pink is my favorite color!"  I have found in all of my hair experiments that Beyond the Zone Color Jamz works best for my hair and the color that will give you the brightest pink is going to be Bubble Head Pink.  I LOVE this color.  Now remember you're going to need to use bleach (no guys NOT the Clorox kind) to lighten your hair to a pretty light blond and then make sure to saturate the desired area pretty good with the dye.  In my experience to get the brightest color you should leave the dye in for at LEAST an hour if not longer.  I usually shoot for and hour and a half to two hours.  I  know the instructions on the bottle say 10-25 but you'll end up with a light pink that will fade pretty quickly.  (Remember this is SEMI-permanent so it WILL lighten with each wash and the water will not run totally clear but mostly clear.)  Since this is just a dye and nothing with peroxide or a developer in it if you leave it in longer you won't cause any additional damage to your hair.  Any damage is going to come from the lightening beforehand.  You can purchase Beyond the Zone Color Jamz in many other colors as well but this just happens to be my favorite.  It can be purchased at any Sally's Beauty Store.  You can also find them other places online but if this is your first time using a nontraditional color I would check it out at the store first to see what the test strands look like.  I purchase my product at Sally's Beauty Store and the price is around six or seven dollars a bottle and a bottle will be plenty for my shoulder length hair.  If you have very long or extremely thick hair you may want to get two bottles just in case.
Beyond the Zone Color Jamz - Bubble Head Pink
This was taken about a week or so after dying my hair.

The thoughts and comments in this review are my own and not influenced in any way.  I was not paid or given any free product by the company to review their product.  This is just a product that I have used for several years and wanted to let others know about it.


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