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Whirl-a-Style review

Whirl-a-Style review

I recently was able to review the Whirl-a-Style product. Now when I first received the Whirl-a-Style I wasn't sure how it worked or how to put it in by just looking at it. Once I watched a video it was a light bulb moment. It basically replaces all those broken scrunchies that I had laying around. I can't put it in without a mirror though because my hair is so curly it likes to eat it and I can't find it in my mess of hair. As you seen in Knot Genie my hair has a mind of its own and really does like to snatch things like hair accessories from me and hide them in the deep dark recesses of my hair.

Will look even cooler when I have the blue in my hair.

This works on my hair as long as I have a mirror to see what I am doing it or it won't stay in place. I love that I can still use a scrunchie for extra lifting power and then use the Whirl-a-Style to wrap it around to make a strong bun That should be able to hold up to my sleeping with it in. I will be trying it, as my hair is very heavy and just a regular scrunchie bun can't hold up.

UPDATE: I have worn these to bed and it works great! I can go to bed with it in and wake up and it hasn't budged!!!!

 I can tell you I will be buying more of these so I can do the hairstyle of my dreams!

About the company:

Our Hair Accessories Epiphany

Today, Lois Sonstegard is internationally respected as ‘THE Upstyle Hair Design Resource’. Whirl-a-Style hair accessories are also internationally recognized as the leading upstyle and hair styling design accessories in the world, with successful sales across many professional and fashion retail categories, including the salon, spa, dance, cheerleader, bridal, military, and general retail markets. Whirl-A-Style consists of three different, yet related hairstyling products: Whirl-a-Style, Klicinz and Poppi.

Lois originally worked as a savvy entrepreneur with fabrics at her home furnishings company in Minneapolis,  Minnesota. What began as one project turned into an entirely new business idea! It was in the middle of 1994, when Lois Sonstegard saw success in the scraps of fabric scattered around her offices at Devin Lane Collections, a fine home furnishings company in Minneapolis. It all began after a business meeting with one of her department store buyers. Sonstegard had more fabric and products in her hands than she could carry. Her sales representative noticed her struggling and offered her a piece of plastic with which to create a makeshift handle. At that same moment, a beautiful long haired women walked by and Sonstegard knew right then what could come of her strips of loose fabric – creative hair ties holding graceful wedding hair accessories.

Although there was never any use for the original fabric scrap concepts for Whirl-a-Style, Lois Sonstegard built a wholesale hair accessories business from the ground up and still relies on that same creative resourcefulness and entrepreneurial spirit to create other exciting hairstyling tools, ornaments, jewelry and hair accessories for women. Today, Whirl-a-Style is successfully positioned to give young girls and women of all ages across the globe the ability to create fun and fashionable hairstyles in minutes, with their complete line of hair design products (including plenty of bridal hair accessories).

The inspiration and motivation for starting Whirl-a-Style was quite a serendipitous event. It took ingenuity and creativity to introduce Sonstegard’s next two innovative hairstyling product lines. The strength of Whirl-a-Style is in the actual device. This useful and easy-to-use tool allows the hair to be quickly pulled back into a French twist or a beautiful round bun shape without the use of any unsightly bobby pins or claw clips. Her next two haircare product lines; Klicinz and Poppi, were created to give upstyle hair designs an extra special touch by adding accessories, These were inspired by her clientele. Trademarked and patented, Whirl-a-Style remains the original, while all products are tools used to create various upstyle hairstyles for bridal parties, special events, dance recitals, ballet and festive occasions.
Both the Whirl-a-Style and Klicinz Hairstylers are made from a special synthetic rubber-like material which safely grips the hair, while not tangling or damaging it. Each Hairstyler has a slit designed through the center of this product -- through which the hair is pulled. The hair is then easily rolled and styled as desired. The difference between the Whirl-a-Style tool and the Klicinz Hairstyler is in the clasp. One is round, one is square. With the Klicinz, the round clasp coincides with Poppi Haircare Products, while giving clients the freedom to add decorative jewelry which gives the upstyle hair design an extra touch of elegance.
Sonstegard notes, “When taking Whirl-a-Style to professional salon industry trade shows, many hairstylists enjoy seeing the fashionable upstyle hair designs, yet they don’t think that they could replicate the looks. When they learn how easy it is with simple step-by-step instructions, they can’t believe how fast the hair is styled. The same happens with dancers, cheerleaders and coaches. Everyone is always delighted with the perfect and instant results!” In the near future, Sonstegard will launch an iCast training module that will allow for a simple 1, 2, 3 step tutorial which can be downloaded on to iPods. Whether Whirl-a-Style, Klicinz and Poppi Hairstyler tools are used for children, hairstylists or any woman, this new tutorial will allow for easy educational support.
Whirl-a-Style Hairstyler Products are sold in top salons, spas, dance studios, bridal shops and fashion accessory retail stores. Sonstegard has successfully shared Whirl-a-Style hair design artistry at beauty, salon, dance and fashion trade shows for over 20 years now. Today, Whirl-a-Style is marketed domestically and internationally in Japan, the UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, Italy, across Asia, here in the USA and in many other countries across the globe. Whirl-a-Style’s distribution programs currently consist of professional salons & cosmetology schools, the dance market, fashion and accessories retailers.
One of the best elements that make Whirl-a-Style Products so beneficial, is that they are ideal for women with “on the go” lifestyles. All Whirl-a-Style Hairstyler Products are valuable tools for active models, hairstylists, military personnel, airline attendants, dancers, athletes and professional people who need to present a positive, polished and sophisticated upstyle image throughout the day as well as for any special occasion.
Whirl-a-Style Hair Products have been celebrated in McCalls, Family Circle, Woman, YM, American Cheerleader, Texas Cheerleader, Teen’s All About You,, CosmoGirl, Style, Dance, Dance Retailer News, Dance Teacher, Soap Opera Weekly, European Dance News, Canada’s Flair, Entrepreneur, Redbook, Beauty Magazine, Beauty Store Business and Beauty Launchpad as well as in, Inspire and Passion International Stylebooks.
The Whirl-a-Style Team now offers online education as well as education to young children, teens and women across the globe to help them learn how to look good and to feel great with a total image that is crowned by an award winning hair design. Their professional, yet fun and spunky energy rubs off on those around them and inspires them too to create fashion forward hairstyles that last all day long! You will find the Whirl-a-Style Team educating hairstylists, image consultants and dancers at trade shows, while also working with professional models at photography sessions.
Beginning as a fortunate entrepreneurial idea and perhaps by accident, it is definitely no accident that Whirl-a-Style has become so successful worldwide. The Whirl-a-Style Company will continue to grow and to remain known as the most fashion forward resource available today for ‘Upstyle Hair Designs’.

I give this 5 out of 5 stars.

I received the above product in exchange of my honest opinion. My thoughts are my own and not influenced by others.


  1. This looks so cool! I'd love to try it :)

  2. Oh that looks awesome. I'd love to try that for my daughter.

  3. Very cool! And Sailor Moon hair definitely has to be done!

  4. omg I want one of those bad!!!!!!!!

  5. I need one of these!! Looks like it could keep my hair in check! Great review!

  6. This would be awesome for my girls.. Look great.. thanks for the great review as always.. :)

  7. Woo, I want one it look so cool and easy!

  8. My daughter would absolutely love on of these and if I got one for myself maybe my hear would look nicer!!


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