Saturday, December 29, 2012

Konvine Foldable flats review.

I recently got the chance to review these wonderful shoes from Konvine. I have a big foot and its very hard for me to find shoes so before I had these the only options I had to wear was my 4 1/2 in heel demonia's or sneakers. I had been looking for a good pair of flats to wear with my dressier clothes, thats when I found Konvine.
 I received these in the extra large size (13-14) and my very wide foot fit perfectly into the shoe, and even better no toe cleavage!!!! Now I know toe cleavage is seen as a good thing by some I.E. per Wikipedia  

"Toe cleavage is considered to be fashionable by stylists such as Susan Conterno, columnist for FAMOUS magazine."

To me on the other hand? I think its ugly and tacky. It makes it look like your shoes are too small for your feet. Of all fashion trends I think this is the worst. I have been searching for some flats without the cleavage for over a year and I was so happy to find these shoes from Konvine was the solution.

 I wore these for a week straight and I can say they were so comfy! Not a blister formed and I felt like I was wearing pretty shoes. I have a friend that has been looking for shoes to have as backup shoes for her wedding and now shes looking at buying a pair of these after seeing me wearing them. I got quite a few complements on these shoes. I wore them for all my family Christmas photo's and they loved them too! I can't wait till it warms up a bit so I can wear them with a skirt. 
I have worn them shopping at Walmart ( you know the kind where you go for one thing and walk for hours around the store!) and my feet didn't hurt. The only time I felt any pain in wearing these was when I tried to take the trash out through my gravel alley; not the best of idea's, but it still hurt a lot less then barefoot. They are very comfortable and allow my feet to breath. I highly recommend these to everyone! I have been asked many a time where I got my shoe's and I am proud to say these are from Konvine. 

I badly want the 

I plan on buying these in the future but I am torn between them in black and the red. The red totally makes me think of Wizard of Oz!

About the Company:

The solution to your high heel woes. These one-of-a kind ballerina style roll up shoes are the latest and GREATEST. So small and condensed you can fit them in a small Purse. Cute and convenient and easy to bring along!
The age old saying of fashion...BEAUTY IS PAIN!

Just a few moments into your evening, what's the first thing your going to say to yourself? The answer, "My feet are going to kill me by the end of the night."

Most of us don't even wait till we get home to take them off. We are all guilty as charged. Unfortunately, walking around barefoot isn't hygienic or safe; more importantly it just isn't cute or very flattering. Secondly, who wants to wear big, bulky purse out just so they can bring a pair of more comfortable shoes with them for that inevitable moment of not being able to take anymore pain?! Not only is it a major inconvenience, 9 times out of 10 times it's just not going to help you rock your inner diva.
Worry no longer, we have the solution to your high heel woes. These one of a kind ballet roll up slipper are latest and GREATEST. So small and condensed you can fit them in a small clutch. Cute and convenient so that you can wear them not only as a relief from those heels, but also as a daily fashion statement.
Company Overview
Konvine rollable Shoes is a premiere company that has designed a product that takes care of sore feet from wearing high Heels. Our products take the stress and pain from high heels out of your daily routine and provide a comfortable and stylish solution.
I give these a 5 out of 5 stars 

I received the above product in exchange for review all thoughts are my own.


  1. i hate the Toe cleavage...I have LONG toes so I have always worried about it! Guess I am glad it's in style now! LOVE the RED shoes!

  2. Those pointy shoes look great on your feet! And I love the other shoes,too !!

    1. The pointy ones actually aren't mine my foot is by far too wide :D.

  3. I love the flats. You are so right though when your toes are showing it does make it look like your show is too small. As least in my opinion.

  4. omg I love the shoes <3 soooo nice!

  5. I love this product, just the fact that it is something is easy to put in your purse for when your feet become achy those high heels that every woman loves to wear.

  6. what cute shoes and flats my favorite

  7. Oh YES this is a must have!!! I was just thinking the other day when I was at a party that I sure wished I had my slippers!!!

  8. This is awesome! I was just looking for shoes like this for myself. I am going to check them out.

  9. I love the ones with the skulls. Feminine but totally rocking!


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