Sunday, December 9, 2012

Hard Candy cosmetics review

Hard Candy cosmetics

I received the following products:

Pinking of you- I really love the layout of this eye shadow. I love the lace detail (I am a total sucker for lace.) I had trouble at first getting the container open but my cubbie buddy figured that out for me.I used the color that is below the heart on the top (2nd from the right when open) and I really liked the color. I found it too light to be worn on its own (because I am so pale) I added some black eye shadow over it.
Finished eye look.

I really like this pallet to add light colors to add to my every day work look. I find myself wanting some of the other pallets in the line: Smoke Out, Feelin' Blue.

Plumping serum lip gloss- My first experience with any sort of plumper (amazingly since my lips are really small.) The first time I put this on; my lips were very very chapped, thus it burned horribly and felt like a bunch of angry bee's were stinging me. Second time my lips weren't chapped and It didn't hurt was just tingly, much like what I feel when I eat kiwi (oh how I miss you my dear dear kiwi.) I like the shade and it really did seem to make a difference.

Walk The Line - Liquid Eyeliner : Lace- I added this on top of the pink eye shadow some black eyeliner  and black eye shadow. I did it on the top lid and just slightly around the curve of my eyes to add some sparkle to the bottom. I really like this liner and it didn't make my eyes water and itch like some glitter liners do. I really want to try this in: Turquoise, Sugar Plum

About the company:

"Cult '90s nail polish brand Hard Candy -- admit it, you too rocked the deep blue shade at some point -- is launching a new line for'll probably be the biggest bang for your buck all season." -
MissionAttitude Adjustment!

"We are continuing to build a trend driven, superior formulation, edgy, affordable collection of cosmetics. We have listened to our fans and recently we have launched a collection of eyeglass frames and an apparel wardrobe that fits right into the Hard Candy lifestyle. We are for the fun, edgy, irreverent, cool consumer who wants to make a memorable entrance without busting the bank."

Company Overview
Hard Candy amazes with off the charts products, intense color, wild packaging and a flair for the dramatic. The name invokes all things girly and sweet while the brand brings in an edge and attitude. Truly the best of both worlds.

We turn heads, create buzz, lift energy, start conversations, end boredom and give good face. We push the envelope and pull in new fans. We will steer the industry
to bigger and better.. We will quench the desire for a new and fun cosmetic line and leave women thirsting for more. Hard Candy makes a difference! And we have never and will never test on animals - ever.

Hard Candy is Flat to Fab, Single & Lovin' It, Ginormous, and dozens of delectable products and hundreds of hues to choose from for the most fabulous face.

We are the perfect eyeglasses to frame your face. Sporty, chic, studious, flirty and fun. Live to learn and look fierce while doing it.

Choose to live the Hard Candy life. Slip into comfortable sweats with attitude. State what you feel on your T. Zip up, speak up and stand up in our amazingly fun, eye catching, affordable apparel wardrobe. Make a statement, make some memories and make sure you don't break your budget.

Find them at:

Things I want to try in the future:

Stroke of Gorgeous - Felt Tip Liner Infused with Growth Serum: Storm,Nautical,Little Black Dress
1,000 Lashes - Fiberized Lash Weave Mascara : Primer,Heart Throb Pink
Lash Ink - 4 day lash stain
Lash Call - Lengthening Mascara: Punk,Limelight,Peacock
Curl Up and Dye - Curling Mascara: Venus
Ginormous Lash Volumizing Mascara: Purple Haze
Lash Tinsel - Glitter Mascara:Starstruck,Seventeen's A Dream,UFO
Eye Def - High Def Glittering Cream Eye Shadow: Sprinkles
Meteor Eyes - Baked Meteor Eyeshadow: Super Nova
Glitteratzi - Eye Glitter Gel: Maniac
Just Face It - One Step Foundation
Just Nails with Ring all colors

I received the above items in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own and are no way influenced by others. 


  1. I seen these at Walmart a few weeks ago and wasn't to sure. but after reading this.. I want them ALL!!!! I also seen their Holiday gift pack... I wanted it!!! I love your picture too! So pretty~!~!~

  2. I want to try the purple palette!

  3. I love these colors on you! :)

  4. I love colors they offer...these look like great products!

  5. OMGosh! I love those colors! And they look great on you! Thanks for sharing this company with me!

  6. Great review! I love all the beautiful colors. I also love that this review is so detailed and has so many photos! This review really made me want to go buy some of these Hard Candy products! I will pick some up next time I am out! Thanks so much for letting me know about these wonderful products and the company!

  7. Also, those colors look stunning on you!

  8. Great Review and I must have those pallets. They are very pretty. You look great wearing it as well. Very nice.

  9. Wow - I would've likely passed this up because I wouldn't be sure how the colors would work on my pale skin - but it looks fantastic on you! I will have to check it out!

  10. I bought the blue eyeshadow last Christmas for my 13 year old daughter and she loves it!!

  11. I will have to find these around me or just visit their site. My daughters 19th Birthday is coming up and she loves her make-up.

  12. These eye pallets are very interesting to me, I would love to try the browns.. I will have to go looking for them.. great review!

  13. I love the soft colors on the eye shadow pallet. I love eye shadow!!


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