Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Music world changing.

I have noticed lately that musicians are changing to a new type of style that kind of resembles 90's dance music (which I LOVE!) and some artist I am having to reconsider my thoughts on.

Growing up I wasn't exposed to much in a variety. My mom was basically all country when I was little and my dad liked to listen to oldies but I was only with him on weekends. I was exposed to what I refer to as 90's dance/alternative (possibly called new wave?) at one of my mom's friends house. I hung out with her kids (mostly her daughter) and I remember jumping around on mattresses that were on the floor in a room with the radio blasting. My middle school years were riddled with rap (which I can't stand) and gave me headaches. 

Once I reached high school I found rock & metal. I don't know why I was so afraid my mom wouldn't approve that I hid in my room with headphones plugged into the TV listening to the rock music channel that's provided by the cable company. Finally a few months down the line I was tired of hiding and I told her and she was fine with it. I know you probably think I was nuts or am nuts but I was afraid of disappointing my non perfect mother. So thus became rocker Ruby :)......I'm sorry I couldn't resist.

I remember being asked by my cousin Ruby ( the one that's older then me........yes there is more then one of us! There is about 5 or so living/dead ruby's in 3 generations in my family.) if I wanted to go to the 60's/70's/80's dance I said sure!!! Thats when I found my love of 80's music and that is an addiction that I can't and don't want to break.

I guess though you could consider me an artist snob? I have had preconceived notions about some artists that I haven't allowed them to get past but playing Song-pop I have seen what I am missing. I heard The Who on there the other night and I knew the song and love it but it never once crossed my mind it was The Who playing it. I knew the band name but I had never bothered to look at the music and just assumed it wasn't my type of music. I have always hated Britney spears ( I mean really! I never jumped on the boy band fad either and to me she was just as bad as them.) but once I heard some of her more recent stuff on the radio and found out it was her I was amazed! I found myself liking how it sounded because it brought me back to the 90's dance and jumping around on the bed. I know that is an odd thing to be brought back to but that was during a time when life for me was picture perfect. My mom was around we had food and the bills were paid. She wasn't off doing drugs and leaving me with no food and having to move around because the rent wasn't being paid it was a time when I was really allowed to be a kid. Katy Perry is another one I heard her song wide awake and I started listening to the cd its on and I actually like it.

So now I find myself in a time where those people that sung what I called in middle school "rap crap" are singing things more of my type of music and they actually have nice voices. Although I could do without all the sexual innuendo. Like in WHISTLE byFLO-RIDA but I guess it could be worse it could be like the candy shop song.....that they played at school dances.....muhahahahaha.....its funny now that I am an adult then I didn't listen because I was staring out the window and wasn't listening to the meaning.

Has any artist surprised you with changes they have made to the type of music they make?


  1. I think Madonna's changed a lot.

  2. i only listen to country and some limited "new" stuff lol so not sure if anythings really changed in my music world lol

  3. I listen to it all! Love music cleans your soul! Awesome post!

  4. I don't listen to much new music really. The only way I hear new music is if it pops up on Glee. But a lot of Brittney Spears songs have come up on Glee and she really has changed! My iPod stays on my favorite bands from high school, or my Glee Soundtracks. I never listen to the radio. So like I said, unless it's been on Glee, if it's new, I most likely have not heard it. lol

  5. I'm mostly a country music follower! I was surprised that Kid Rock had a song on the Country charts awhile back.

  6. I listen to all kinds of music! And my fiance is always making me listen to new crap that he thinks is good. I get exposed to new music all the time, but like you, I rarely pay attention to who is singing unless I really like it!

  7. I'm a huge 90's fan and rock. Mostly listen to the college stations for the newer stuff faster... gets air time sooner than other local stations. Have been surprise by some of the more recent music since my daughter is a huge pop fan. You are so right.... alot of the stuff artists from a few years back are putting out there now... I would never guess it was actually them. & I think the change is good! =)


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