Monday, April 14, 2014

TUTUorial - How to make a TuTu

TUTUorial - How to make a TuTu

I have been wanting a TuTu for some time each time I saw them on Cut it out and keep it it pulled at my heart strings. So while out shopping the other day I realized I had everything but the main color tulle so I decided to pick some up and get to work as Halloween is getting ever closer. At first I picked up some lovely purple and then after standing in the line for cutting I look over and see this really pretty blue so I decided to go with that. So I took my tulle with me that night and began to craft my project. 

Here is the list of supplies needed.

Now for a size 24-26 I used 16 yards of tulle in blue (fell a little short get 18 yards if this is your size)
And I had about 150 yards of tulle in black laying around my house I'm not sure how much I used but I still have about half of that half left so estimating 25 yards. Now I know what your thinking why did I use so much black.... Well the reason for that is it was on a roll in the width I needed so I just pulled the length I needed and cut it while the blue was from the flats at the store.

Elastic band: I would suggest getting 1/2 in for this. As the one inch folds and gets annoying.
Scissors                                                                                                                              .


1. Cut your tulle.
  • If you have it in the roll then pull to double the desired length and cut and repeat.
  • If you have it from the "bolt" at the fabric store then lay it out flat and cut from folded edge to loose end.

2.Once your tulle has been cut pull the elastic around your waist and make sure you stretch it! you want it to be a little smaller then your waist so that it stretches to fit you or it will fall off and not get a grip.

3.Find the fold in the tulle and place under the elastic band. (I used a chair to help hold the band to make it easier)

4. Pull the lose end of the tulle through the loop and pull tight..... Not too hard!!

                              Now repeat!Yes that's all it is!
If you want to see a video of this see here:

 I did a single layer of the blue all the way around and then did 7 black over the blue after a small space ( I didn't measure I just estimated. I didn't have enough blue to cover the entire band so I used the black to cover that up. Hope you have fun making your tutu! Please share links if you make this project so I can see what you came up with! I think it looks kinda Witchy.

Note to do another color over the first just do the same but do it in the space between the other color.

How to make a tutu


  1. This turned out really cute! Love your easy directions, thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow, you made it sound so easy, I will have to try this with my girls. Thanks and its so cute!

  3. I love it thanks for the tutorial it would never cross my mind to make one til now looks so easy!!!!!

    1. It's one of those things I was always putting off til now! Making 2 more!

  4. They cost so much at the store, I would have never thought to make one at home! Love it! :)

  5. love the colors and it looks so easy!

  6. Your fashion sense is so much fun! Just putting this out there - you could sell them. We have Color Runs around here and the runners all wear tutus and knee socks.

  7. Thanks for the tutorial! I have always wondered how to make these! I love the colors you chose!


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