Friday, October 12, 2012

Shoe shopping.

I hate doing it. I wore shoes that hurt my feet because I'd worn them out because I didn't want to go through this again. It go to the point on vacation where it hurt to walk at all so my old man made me get rid if those shoes. I went to a shoe carnival with no shoes on and went through all the women's and found nothing that I could wear. So I sucked it up and went to the men's.
Didn't find anything there either so I ended up going to the sandals in men's and got 2 size 13 Nike comfort slides with memory foam type stuff. Now it's getting cold and I have still not found everyday shoes. I ordered the exact same shoes I had before that fit and lasted a year got them from amazon and when they arrived they were too small. I shipped them back and bought a larger size $20 more and when they arrived they were still too small. So after shipping those back I am done trying to buy online cause I can't afford to keep shipping them back and at this point I don't know what size to get. I have fit anywhere from a 10 in women's to a 14 in men's. I could take 3 different styles from the same manufacturer and need a different size in each. I have tried going by measurement of my feet when ordering online and have yet too get the right size the first time and more often then not have maxed out and still not big enough. Even when I do find something long enough in a style that I like its not wide enough.

Today I took the day to find a pair in town looking at all brands and not ignoring the names like Nike and baby phat like I usually do. Shoe carnival was a bust on both men's and women's. The old man said it was because I was going to outlets and not a real shoe store so we went to a real shoe store. Nothing I liked.... I am sorry but I'm not paying $100-150 for a pair of shoes I think are butt ugly I am tired of settling. I am going out tomorrow after work to the rest of the shoe stores in my town and the mall to see what I can find but I may end up buying online even though I don't want to.

Do you know any places that cater to the larger wider foot for everyday shoes that are affordable? Please tell me in the comments so I can check them out cause I'm desperate at this point.

Photo: This is the style I like and ordered from amazon.


  1. Try these. They are expensive but a very quality brand

  2. Uhg I hate shoe shopping too. Maybe try Naturalizer? I'm not sure if they have wide though.


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