Tuesday, October 23, 2012

~OVER~Peel & Play Monster Dolls Giveaway

Hey all I wanted to share this great giveaway with you. This is one I hope I can win myself so I thought you guys might like the chance too! Scroll to the bottom to the form to enter to win. Good luck!!!

My daughter and I love redecorating her  room with unique products for her wall and her room in general. So when I saw these cute Monster Girl Peel & Play wall decals I was excited to share them with her. I reached out to Mona Melisa Designs and asked if  I could review/giveaway one of their cool wall Peel & Play designs.

Don't worry, I too had never heard of them before. I was just searching and came across their website. WOW, there is so much to see and so many awesome designs to chose from. No matter if you have a boy or girl, Mona Melisa Designs has something for all children. Mona Melissa Designs is a great on-line company that specialize in customized Personalized Growth Charts, Peel & Play wall decals, Poster Murals for both boys and girls, Name Signs and more.

We were very happy to see our  Peel & Play Monster Dolls arrive. Monster Dolls are one of my daughters favorite.

The dolls are so colorful and have so many accessories to switch from, dresses, hair pieces, leggings,beach attire and many others sets.

 All Peel & Play wall sets are all original designs created and hand drawn digitally by Mona Melisa Designs artist. You can really tell they took there time to create a wall play set that is surely unique and cool for the kids.

Each play set is 24" by 40" and can be displayed however your child wishes. It is so easy to do, just peel back the play set and place gently  against the wall. The good thing about Peel & Play is just as fast as you applied it, you can remove it the same way. It's also easy to mix and match the accessories to the dolls or to whatever Peel & Play design you chose.

                   Now here is my daughters Monster Dolls Peel & Play set displayed on her wall:

                                       She really dressed them up , wouldn't you agree!

I give Mona Melisa Design a Thumbs Up for creating such unique products like the Peel & Play. You have to visit their website to see more and to place your order, this would be a great Christmas gift for that special girl or boy but wait, you can use this code NIGHTHB 1112 to receive 60% off any purchase.

Your in luck Mona Melisa Designs has also offer to sponsor a giveaway of one of their Peel &Play sets!

Enter Here

The materials used for our PEEL & PLAY wall play sets contain no PVC and all components have been ruled to be safe in regard to lead and phthalates.We recommend our PEEL & PLAY wall play sets for ages 5 and up.

 Disclaimer Statement

I received one or more of the products mentioned above from Mona Melisa Design at no charge for review purposes only. All opinions expressed are 100%my own and were not influenced by any other source. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC.

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  1. I used to love playing with these when I was a kid!!

    1. I had a sailor moon set that had the sheet and you change the clothes. I really like these because of the size.


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