Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Melted crayon.

I have been inspired by this image on Pinterest and decided to do it with some slightly disastrous results.

The pumpkin pan melted :(. So even though people have said they used the ice cube trays in the oven I've melted 2 now. The first I thought it was cause I had it on 350 for who knows how long. This one was in there for 5 mins at the lowest the oven would go. It was hard to get the crayons out without the mold sticking to the crayon.

The flowers were done in an oven safe pan that I picked up at a new thrift store for $3. They were easy to remove from the pan and turned out great. I left it in there for about 7 mins.

Have you tried melting crayons? What results have you gotten?


  1. This looks like fun! Going to have to try it one day next week. =)

  2. Cool! When Skylar's old enough... I am SOOO making crayons!

  3. Great idea! I ALWAYS forget to do this.

  4. I think silicone pans would be best for this type of thing! Good luck for next time!

    1. Well both were silicone just one was marked heat safe the other was not lol


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