Saturday, October 6, 2012

Dying my hair an alternative color.

I have wanted black with neon blue streaks forever. So with a little nudge I went for it.

 I wasnt going to bleach my hair but The Old Man said if I was going to do it I should do it right. I have only dyed my own hair 2 times so I didn't feel comforable bleaching it myself.So I went to Fiesta Salons to have them do it and this is What I walked out with:

I was tired after sitting there for 2 hours and she said that the pinkish should be covered easily. I didn't believe her but I was way past my bedtime and in a hurry to get it done before Tuesday so I went home and threw in the blue like they said it was OK to do. I was online reading earlier this morning and found out I needed toner to remove what they called the brassiness. I am not happy that I paid $84 to get my hair bleached and getting a botched job I expected the job to get done correctly. I wish I had waited for my normal stylist but after this I don't know if I will return to Fiesta Salon.

This is what it looked like after 1 time of blue.

These are after 3 times dying blue.

At this point I don't know if I want to let it fade out and then hit it with toner or if I want to keep hitting it with blue. I am currently letting my hair rest for a bit as its on the dry side now. Picked up some Ion conditioner over at Sally's and see how that helps my hair before I do anything else with it.

The whole style idea had come from rouge from xmen. She has always been my fav . I editied the picture above to show how I wanted my hair to look.

The tones in this is about what I got after dye job #3 before washing with shampoo.Source

This is just here because I love the colors and think its pretty.
source If anything I hope it looks like this color in the end if it doesn't work the way I originally planned.


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  2. I love neon. I have dyed and bleached my hair a billion times so I buy the splat bleach and go to Sallys and buy the manic panic color. I love your hair though. You can ask at Sallys if you aren't happy with it. They will tell you what to use to get the color the way you want it. Again really pretty!!

  3. Sallys is awesome but you could also check with the gals at Hot topic. there are some awesome colors out there and they could also tell you what is a good way to get deep color fast!

  4. Also to the person that leaves hateful comments and does it anonomously, maybe you should man or woman up and say who you are if you are going to be so negative. A blog is a place where people share what they enjoy and that is exactly what Ruby is doing. If you cant be supportive you shouldnt say anthing at all. And if you do at least have the decency to state who you are and stop hiding behind an anonymous posting.

  5. got damn...u look like a monster

    1. God damn your a coward. Hide behide annon no more! I have turned that off due to jerks like you. I can change the way I look you can't change your ugly insides.


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