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Coven: The scrolls of the four winds by Diane Wing Review

                                             Coven: The scrolls of the four winds by Diane Wing


Treachery Ignites an Otherworldly Battle Between Good and Evil

Centuries have passed since the Coven of the Triad Witches, once charged with protecting the Scrolls of the Four Winds, was betrayed and their memories cast into darkness. They have reincarnated together in many lifetimes, but this time, one of their own intends to wield the power of the Scrolls herself. Sisters in magic with ties more binding than blood, they must face a dangerous journey to rekindle ancient powers and fulfill their true destiny.
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From Modern History Press
FIC009510 FICTION : Fantasy - Dark/Horror
FIC027040 Fiction : Gothic
FIC044000 Fiction : Contemporary Women



In this book it follows Victoria, who on her own quest for power started by her ancient tutor alienates herself from her rightful place. Throughout the book I caught conflicting emotions from Victoria as if she didn't want ultimate power any more she just wanted to belong but once you saw a flash of that it was gone and she was back to her old self. 

At first I really liked poor Heather but as the book progressed she sunk to the levels of Ethan. Ethan I disliked from the moment he appeared. He gets what he deserves after trying to string along Heather by knowing if he openly rejects her she has the power to kill him. It is something some of us wish would happen to men in real life that only use women for sex and their own gain with no care for the woman's emotions.

This book had me wondering what would come next and almost had me cheating and reading the last page before finishing just to see where it will end, but I held strong and just kept reading from the edge of my seat.  Diane Wing sneaks in life lessons in the story that's a good reminder for us all. I am glad to see Victoria triumph over the darkness in her life and get back to where she belongs.


Diane Wing, M.A. is an author, teacher, personal transformation guide, and intuitive consultant. She has a Master's degree in clinical psychology and has been providing valuable insights for the highest good of her clients for over 27 years.

She is the founder of Wing Academy of Unfoldment, a virtual Mystery school that helps students to increase their energetic awareness, release old ways of being, and develop their intuition to build confidence and self-trust.

In addition to appearing on many Blog Talk radio programs and having been published in various magazines, both in print and online, Diane is the author of the books "The True Nature of Tarot: Your path to personal empowerment," a collection of short fiction titled "Thorne Manor...and other bizarre tales," and the novel, "Coven: The Scrolls of the Four Winds." She is also the creator of two tools of self-empowerment "Insight Stones ™ - a game of self-awareness" and "Pathways - an interactive journey of self-discovery."

Diane works with her clients to find their Inner Magick and empower them to create the life they really want. Her websites are and


  1. Woo, This looks great. I wonder if I can get this for my son. I am going to check this one out.. Great review. Love it!

  2. Sounds awesome! Awesome review! Checking it out :)

  3. Sounds like a great book... will look into it!

  4. This book is awesome! I love Diane Wing!!

  5. This also looks amazing. We have very similar tastes in books!


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