Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tomorrow Is the big day!

So YAY I just realized we are officially at 500 posts! Go us! Tomorrow I get to pick up my new iPhone from  Best Buy. I am using the cash I make off my iPhone 4s to get a 3ds XL and I cant wait! I may even end up picking up the new Kingdom hearts game.

Other news, I am going to be working LOTS of overtime the next few days but at least I got to keep 1 day off. I am doing 6 hours on Saturday and 2 hours added to my shift on Sunday and Monday. Didn't volunteer for the 2 extra hours per day but I am stuck with it so Oh well.

Have you guys played songpop? It's quite addicting! Well I'm off for now have to get ready for the morning. I am planning on taking a folding chair and reading my kindle so I can possibly finish the book I am reading and get the review up soon!

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