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Devil’s Mountain By Bernadette Walsh book review


I have always been into Irish and Celtic based stories. So this book caught my attention when I read the synopsis. I love the combination of history and myth In this book, to me it made it seem even more real. 
My feelings for Caroline Changed multiple times during the duration of the book. At first I liked her but then It came to the point when she said she would rather die if she could not have a child, My heart went out to Bobby at that point. Bobby was one of my favorites from the beginning, with his good heart and (How I would imagine) sexy good looks. Ever have a character you love to hate and you find yourself yelling "why did you do that!" well for me Caroline was that person. When she said she would rather die I knew something bad was going to happen, I was hoping it wouldn't be Bobby. I blame her for everything that went wrong, but even with all of that in the end of the book I felt for her.
The book follows Caroline as she falls in love and marries Bobby Devlin. You watch them as they try for years to get pregnant and fail even trying IVF. Once they are told there is no hope Caroline sinks into a depression and Bobby is afraid of losing his wife that he holds so dear. In desperation thinking it will do her some good he decides to take her to Ireland, which is only the beginning of their problems.
There are many twist and turns in this book that will keep you guessing. The end of the book caught me off guard and has me clamoring to read what happens next. I'd like to see Caroline grow even more as a person and leave the air head she once was in the dust. I am adding Bernadette Walsh to my list of authors to watch for new books to read and the Devlin Legacy series to my must read book list.

About the book.

Devil’s Mountain
By Bernadette Walsh
Book One of the Devlin Legacy
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Horror
Publisher: Lyrical Press
ISBN: 9781616503697
Number of pages: 122
Word Count: 39,000
Blurb/Book Description:
You will hate Him for all that he's taken, but you will love Him. God help you, you will love Him.
Mary Devlin accepted her fate years ago, to serve Slanaitheoir, the mountain spirit who saved her ancestors from the Irish Famine. The hauntingly beautiful woman submitted to His every caress, His every humiliation, but He’s gone too far by threatening her family.
Mary’s daughter-in-law is now an unwitting pawn in the fickle spirit’s game. Mary must challenge her fate and that of all future Devlin women, but Slanaitheoir is the most powerful being in the land. And when part of her still yearns for His touch and love, how can she fight him and win?

Your browser may not support display of this image.  Your browser may not support display of this image. About the Author
Long Bio
      I have always been a bookworm and had always meant to write a novel “someday.” You know, when I won the lottery and could live in beach house and look out onto the water and feel inspired. Four years ago I decided to stop waiting for my winning lottery ticket and sat down and started writing in between work and family obligations, I piled the words on top of each other until they formed sentences, paragraphs, chapters and eventually a book.  My first book, a contemporary romance, Gold Coast Wives, was published in November 2011. The House on Prospect is my second novel. The first book of my paranormal trilogy, Devil’s Mountain -- Book One of the Devlin Legacy, was published in June 2012. While I’ve hopped around genres, all of my books to date have a common theme: strong women handling what life throws at them the best way they can.
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I received this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts here are my own.


  1. My daughter would LOVE this book~!~!~ Oh.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way your blog looks!!! I love the colors!!!!

  2. Sounds like an interesting read. I have had tons of characters that I love to hate in books too! Some of them have actually make me yell out loud LOL

  3. Sounds like a great book to read. I wish that I could find the time to sit back and read more often. I will share this review with a friend I bet she would love to read it! Great Review!!

  4. Yes, this book would be right up my daughters alley. Awesome review!!!

  5. Oh yet another one to my want to read list! Awesome review.


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