Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Crayons with a heat gun. 4 crafts made at once.

I recenetly caught a heat gun on sale at a tool store the Old Man dragged me to. It was only 13.99 and I had read that it works better then a hair dryer on crayons so I jumped on it! I had it for a few days but didn't get a chance to use it til now. So here's what I did!

First I cut a piece of foam board to the size desired and then painted with some acrylic paint. I couldn't find a paint brush so I used a old gift card to spread the paint and got this cool texture look.
Then I decided the order I wanted and glued them down with a hot glue gun.
Then I went to the basement with my heat gun and set the canvas at a tilt.
After seeing how it gathered at the bottom (I loved the swirls!) I decided to put another piece under it at a less vertical angle and then started again!
Close up. This is what I got off the other canvas.
Look at that metallic!
This is what I got when I pulled the original pool of crayon off the floor and melted it. I Think I am going to call this tree frog of death.... Catchy right? The death just because of the melted skull and tree frog because that's what I see like its coming out of the canvas!
This is just me throwing a skull in the middle and grabbing some crayons snapping off some pieces and then placing them randomly around the skull. Kind of looks like a skull coming out of some oooze and the crayon pieces look like pills.

This is the first one completed at the very beginning of this post.
Sorry about the photo's they were all done from iphone and for some reason all have a shadow and I didnt see anything on the lens. Be careful when you melt metallic crayons they smoke if you stay over them too long. 



  1. I love how crafty you are! I love this!!! I LOVE the skulls~!~!~

    1. :D. I need a new skull mold I kinda baked this one too long lol.


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