Friday, August 10, 2012

Crayon art part 2. Blow dryer.

Things needed:
  • A place that you don't care that wax gets everywhere or put up wax paper or a tarp. (tarp is better because it covers more area in case of unexpected messy splatters.)
  • Hair dryer or heat gun
  • Crayons in color of choice
  • Glue gun and glue 
  • Time
What to do:

  1. Set up your area. If you use wax paper make sure to pin it down or tape it down it will blow away.
  2. Prepare the crayons how ever you would like to do them. Then glue them onto the canvas
  3. If you want to paint the canvas before so the empty space isn't just white now would be the time. You cam stop painting about an inch before the crayons.

     4.Turn the dryer on high heat and run it across the crayons on the top.
     (having the dryer on high power helps melt faster but there is crazy splatters.)

     5.Melt until your hearts content.
     6.WARNING: This is really messy.

Things I learned:

  • I cut the crayons in half because I wanted a neon color scheme with black and didn't have enough crayons to do it without cutting them. Next time flip the canvas the other way.
  • Don't use so much black because it will over power everything else. Next time put 3-4 of the color you want between 1 black crayon
  • Leaving the wrappers on the crayon keeps the crayons from bleeding onto each other at the top and controls the flow more. Not much an issue with this one because the black is everywhere but if you could see the colors you would see they splattered pretty far in any directions. Next time depends on your preference.
  • It takes a long time to do this I gave up recording after 10 mins because my but was going numb from sitting on my basement floor. (I cropped the video) So make sure to get comfy before getting started and don't sit so close you cant maneuver or the hot wax sprays on you.
  • The attachments on the dryer help concentrate the heat so that I could control the melting but it make it take longer so once again this is on preference.

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