Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Siri a review. #iPhone #Siri

Siri: A review.

I can remeber when i first heard of siri I was so excited.I spent the first few days enamored with everything she said.What started as a blazing love affair, soon the newness began to fade. I found I spoke to you less and less and when we did speak the things you said to me were insane. The arguments grew more and more heated as time passed and you continued to tell me you could not do as I asked.

 I came to see I no longer loved you Siri. Infact I realized I never loved you but was simply infatuated with you. I do love that you read me my text messages but other than that I find you useless. So Siri I'm here to tell you that I'm trading you in as soon as possible for Siri 6.0.

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  1. I love messing around with the siri app... sometimes its just funny!


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