Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Car problemz, I haz it solved.

Well all I can finally say that car drama has been resolved. No we didn't fix why running my ac shuts off the car, we did ever better! I bought a new car! I got a 2005 dodge caravan! Total after a new hood and plates and insurance less than $1400 cash! It depends on if I get the hood painted or not. I got it from the original owners and it has under 130,000 miles! Just hit 129400 when I pulled up the the house after getting it registered and plated today! Still have the old van but I no longer have to worry about breaking down without a backup. Best part is it has AC so no more driving in 100-110 degree weather with windows down. Very very excited its the newest I have ever owned and is so pretty and comfortable. Ok I'll quit gushing and show you pictures!

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