Sunday, July 1, 2012

Crazy dreams

So I had a crazy dream last night. I was walking down a street without pavement, just a dirt path. It's hard to explain but I could see the united states up on the horizon like I was looking down at a map. The states were named and outlined but in the dream it was if that was natural to see it like that. When I was walking I looked up and Illinois was labeled Nevada. While I was just looking I saw a small orange flame pop up and then it just kept rolling over itself and getting bigger as I looked I could tell something massive was exploding. Then I noticed it got really hot and I looked up and fire balls were dropping from the sky. I began to run the other direction but I wasn't scared I was curious. I even had my iPhone out with the front facing camera on watching behind me recording it as I ran. Then my dream changed and I was talking to a guy that I knew when I was about 14-15 who was my "Internet boyfriend" at the time. It was current day and I called him to see how he was. He immediately told me he couldn't date me as he had a girlfriend. I told him my call had nothing to do with dating him or being with him just that last I hear e was going to visit and I never ears from him again. He told me he was pulled over and taken to the police station and they gave him a ticket and took him home. Once he was home his parole officer picked him up and took him to jail and he had been there many years. Then my dream changed again only this time I was at work. I said yay uncle sam's arm stayed but I never looked at him and I went to talk to the other manager on nights and his arm was on the desk. I said Damn his arm fell off and he said yeah. Someone said you should have made Michael Jordan and I said I thought about it but he's too tall and I didn't want to do anything that tall. Dream change again an I was watching a girl who was in a car driving to audition for something. She arrives auditions party's with them and goes to leave and says to them. "I paid ahead for this trip y'all better reimburse me for this." They told her they would and she stumble off the curb and I woke up.

Odd dream as hell and I hadn't talked to that guy since high school. The last part I have no clue about.

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