Saturday, June 2, 2012

NaBloPoMo june 2nd free writing.

Today we went yard selling. We just got home and its 3:14pm we left at 8:30am. So needless to say my feet are killing me. We started with a list of places we wanted to hit but soon went through the list. After talking about it we decided to head to the south side of town. Lots of sales going on sometime 2-5 a street. While waiting to make a left turn a white van was speeding down the road obviously not paying attention and the next thing we know we here this loud screech and the van almost hit us but my old man hit the gas preventing the crash. I hate when things like that happen so that's when our day of sales ended because we were so shaken up. Looking at going out with a friend to yard sale next Saturday. Didn't find much got a scorch the dragon beanie baby and a $10 mongoose.
Also almost forgot. We were following the signs to a moving sale and saw these 2 pretty deer running down the  street towards us. I got a picture of them once they passed us.
Then a huge dog started to chase after them and they ran off.

My friend Adge has agreed to go blog with me! She going to start reveiwing kids toys and things like that. Working on her about page at this time. Did you find any good sales this weekend?

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