Thursday, June 28, 2012

4th of July crafting madness.

At work we are having a contest of decorating our managers desk. Being as no one had cash to put up I suggested we make everything from cardboard as its free and I had paint and brushes so we started working on it! Well in the end we did have to get some more supplies but it was less than $5 for more paint as we were running out of white red and blue and we needed darker red and some peach. These are pictures as the project went on, more will be coming soon as we did 9 mini flags from history. Ignore the tape on uncle sam we are waiting for his arm to dry so we can remove it.

Uncle sam was drawn by Joy on my team and then painted by me. We split of the card board and all did some work several people cut out stars and painted them. We also Had a few doing flags. The declaration is my baby still trying to do it but running out of room so I'm having to squish down the font. Happy 4th everyone. Do you do anything to decorate at work?

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