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The iPhone 5 and why it will never exist.

Life of a mad typer
Update 9/12/2012   Lame! They just announced iPhone 5 (oh well I am still going to buy it on launch day!)

It drives me crazy every time someone asks me when the iPhone 5 will be out, or when people post their thoughts on "iPhone 5" Here's the thing, you need to stop calling the iPhone 5 because there will never be a 5.
Why do I say this you ask? No, I'm not saying there wont be another iPhone. Apple would be dumb to put the iPhone line off even for a year because they have us in the palm of their hands.

So here is the break down of my thoughts.

The history of the iPhone goes like this:
Known as just iPhone, iPhone Original,or iPhone 1. Was a 2g device (Edge)

iPhone 3G:                               
Known as  iPhone 3g,  iPhone 2. Was called the iPhone 3G because it was the  first iPhone to have 3G service and nothing to do with the release number.Was a complete make over from the  original with a different sleeker look.  
3MP camera                             
  • 4GB option axed.
  • 3G compatible.
  • color options: white and black.

iPhone 3Gs This is the 3rd generation of iPhone but not much a difference between the 3Gs and 3G. If you set them side by side you wouldn't be able to tell them apart. Had slight upgrades but same look so apple apparently didn't feel the need to re-brand the number just added the s. I think the s might mean second as in second of the design.
  • Ability to record videos with the native camera.
  • 8GB for $199.99 was replaced with 16GB for same price. (8GB was released at a later time for a smaller price.)

iPhone 4 The 4th generation, (get it iPhone 4..... its the 4th iPhone.) mistakenly called the 4G by most people. The funny part, wait for it..... WAS NOT 4G compatible. Now before you ask it will never EVER be compatible with 4G no matter how many software updates you do. The hardware is just not compatible. This was another time apple completely changed the looks of the device, switching to a all glass front and back from the plastic back of the 3G and 3Gs. 
  • NEW: front facing camera= face-time
  • 5Mp camera
  • 32GB option added 
  • Verizon started to carry it! (Finally all those people that were posting and commenting in the forums got what they wanted and can shut up.)
  • LED flash

iPhone 4s  5th generation.  

Some upgrade from the 4 but the same look. At launch was touted as a 3G phone but if you looked at the specs the secret was staring in front of your face. The problem? Carriers and Apple denied that it was 4G. Then with the iOS update 5.1 3g was missing and was replaced with 4G. Everyone acts as if the 3G/4G fiasco didn't happen, or as if they had forgotten..... was the 5th iPhone.

  • 8MP camera
  • 4G
  • The option to disable 3G (& don't forget 4G) was removed.
  • Siri
  • Carried by Sprint.

 So count with me here.
  1. iPhone original
  2. iPhone 3G
  3. iPhone 3Gs
  4. iPhone 4
  5. iPhone 4s

There has already been 5 iPhones and the next will not be a 5G (because it doesnt exist.)nor the 5th iPhone. I'm pretty sure Apple isn't dumb and can count. So why don't all of you stop being dumb and say iPhone 6 because that's what it really will be. Now I'm sure apple could say the iPhone 4s2 but that would be a very stupid marketing move on their part. I think they will go with either calling it the iPhone 6 or changing the naming scheme now that someone else is in charge and jobs is no longer with us. The thing is only time will tell. I know I will be pre-ordering mine as soon as ordering starts.

Now I just wanted to say before I end this post is I didn't go deep into the hardware specs of the devices because most people don't know what all those numbers really mean or even really care besides trying to "sound smart", or make there device sound better than someones who doesn't know all that crap about their device. I used a basic list that anyone even without much knowledge about the iPhone would understand. (That's assuming they know anything about today's technology at all.)

This post includes My thoughts of the iPhone situation and was by no means influenced by my employer or anyone else I may be associated with.

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  1. It was found being named "iPhone 5" in Apple's system. Check Cnet....

    1. Check the date of the post wasn't on cnet during that time.

  2. And if the new iPhone has 5 major new features, then calling it the iPhone 5 will be justified.

    Nice try,
    CNet user.

    1. Doesn't matter all we can do is guess when the date was that far away. Have you ever checked some of the crazy things said before>?

  3. Lol it just got released as iphone 5.. Good call w this rant though. Idiot..

    1. Actually its still running hasn't officially been announced.

  4. May be call it iPhone 4G :)

  5. Apple is rumored to be launching a taller, slimmer iPhone model that would include five rows (instead of its traditional four) of apps.

    Read mashable from time to time to stay up on things will ya?

    1. Well if you check the post this was done in may. I am already on cnet watching whats happening.

  6. they can call it whatever they want, why does everyone care so much?!?

    1. If you don't care how did you find this post? Its interesting to see what apple will do next.

  7. I really hope that in about 60 mins someone teaches you how to eat humble pie. Grow up and get a life and let more important things "make you sick"

    1. If you talked about it every day and got tired of re explaining you'd understand. Humble pie haha posting as annon.

  8. Your Logic makes sense, Apple's doesn''s going to be called the iPhone 5 either way. I don't get it either, it should just be called iPhone...drop the numbers! I can't wait in 2050 it'll be the iPhone 42.

    1. I agree, with apple never know what they will do next. It's like they say I don't care what you want this is what you get. I'm interested in seeing them switching to code names and what they would use lol.

  9. He's not an idiot. He makes a pretty sound justification, kids. Even if it does get officially announced by Apple as iPhone 5, that doesn't mean it makes sense. But apple will call it what it wants to call it. The problem is people are trying to find a pattern in Apple's naming conventions. There is none. The 3g/3gs and 4/4s can sort of be considered a pattern, but even that is flawed because the 3 has nothing to do with the generation of the phone.

    1. Well if your talking bout me I'm a chick lol. I see where you come from.

  10. iPhone 4 The 4th generation, (get it iPhone 4..... its the 4th iPhone.) mistakenly called the 4G by most people. The funny part, wait for it. coque iphone 4


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