Thursday, May 31, 2012

Chernobyl diaries and the real disaster.

I just found out about a movie that has been out since the 25th that I hadnt heard of til now. Chernobyl diaries, After watching the trailers I have a few thoughts about it. First I officially Want to watch this movie! Looks amazing and is by the same guy as paranormal activity which is the first movie in a long time that scared me. So I have high hopes for this film.Second thought I have is that the ones that are attacking and killing them are the people that were left behind to clean up the mess that were never heard from again, but changed from the radiatiation they were exposed to.

I also wondered if chernobyl was a real place so I googled it. It really did happen (the reactor explosion not the movie lol.) I don't remeber this ever being talked about in school so I was shocked to learn that it was real.

I'm amazed to read that unlike in the movie prypiat "chernobyl" was not evacuated over night. The population of the soviet union wasnt even told anything about the disaster till 2 days after.They attempted to hide what had occured and didnt tell anyone outside of soviet union until some alarms in sweden went off.
This is what was announced 

There has been an accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. One of the nuclear reactors was damaged. The effects of the accident are being remedied. Assistance has been provided for any affected people. An investigative commission has been set up. Source

This makes me wonder what else is being hidden from us. What has governments been hiding that we don't know?
Have you seen the movie? What did you think?

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