Friday, April 27, 2012

Google street view how is it done? Now I know.

I spent the night hanging out with a fellow night owl that I have known since high school. The sun came up as it usually is known to do and I headed back home to begin my day of household chores that get pushed off till my day off of work. On my way home on the highway I saw something in my rear view mirror that looked sort of like a crazy cop car with a radar gun attached to it. So I slowed down the van to let the vehicle catch up and eventually pass me to my left. To my surprise it said Google maps!
I was excited to finally figure out how they got the street view images. I never thought in my mind it was so simple as a car with a awesome camera rig on top in the shape of a ball with cameras all around. After seeing what it was I had to take pictures to share on Facebook and post here in this blog. After I got home I started doing some research on the cars. Found a lot of information and pictures people had posted from their own experiences. Find a better side view of a car like the one I saw here.

Here are the pictures I took I think they turned out well for me driving at the time and not looking and just clicking the camera button on my phone.
google street
google street
google street

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