Tuesday, March 1, 2011

public bathroom stalls

I went out to eat with some friends tonight because they did some repair work for me in my home, they didn’t ask for payment just to be fed. So out to pizza hut we went. I had a few sodas so before we left I had to pee. So I went into the bathroom and the "handy cap" stall was huge but dirty and disgusting with things on the seat and toilet clogged so of course I’m forced to go to the other stall I go to get into this stall and my purse barely fit into the stall! I wanted to go tell them. “Most Americans are overweight and your stall is tiny I think who ever designed that did it before America grew."

According to the Wikipedia in 2007 an Estimate of obese American adults was 26.6% and steadily growing, so who knows where the number is now!

This is my purse compared to a phone book! Now remember my purse itself barely fit in this stall!

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