Thursday, March 24, 2011


it saddens me to think of a place that ive always dreamed of going since i was a child in such a shape. the people that are there suffering as they are breaks my heart. my cousins wife and her family live in japan. so far the reports have been good and no reports of deaths in the family, but with the reports about a nuclear reactor under pressure and possible leaks i wish they would all just fly here. I've never met her and I would like to someday.

I hope japan can recover from this disaster and grow to be even stronger than before.

my friend from work was supposed to have arrived in japan on the 3rd and would have been there at the time of the earth quake but he had some issues with his passport and had to put the trip off till next month but i believe at this point its been put off until everything has gotten better maybe even indefinitely.

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