Friday, February 4, 2011

Dark dreams coming true.

Dark dreams coming true.
OK so I have always wanted to see this band in concert. The only issue is they barely come to the u.s. So all these years since I was 14 I have obsessed and never had the chance to go. But the other day i started to use twitter and I began to follow them and then i saw something about a concert in Texas and I was like wait.... cof (Cradle of filth) is coming to the USA? So off I jumped from the twitter app on my Iphone and checked the website and sure enough i glance through the tour dates and locations to find the one closest to me and there is 2...... Chicago where my aunt lives and Columbus. so i decided to go to the one in Chicago so i can see my aunt. I ran into a few issues with I was afraid they were going to run out of tickets because the site i went to only showed 9 and then I had to find a place for my animals to go.  so i will be staying with my aunt when im there so i can spend time with the fam and get to see my idol!!!! now the site i was looking at told me the ticket was $63 a ticket but I called Ticketmaster today because I knew I wouldn't get ripped off with them and the tickets were only $37 and they offered insurance so that if i break down and cant go I get my money back!!! so now everything is in motion and i will get to go to the cradle of filth concert!!!!! they are known for hanging out and signing shit so hopefully i will get to meet them and get a pic with!!!! Omg this is one of those things I wanted to do before I die...!

Dear mr.filth I was once the owner of the biggest fan page for you on myspace. You are my god.....I have the email address to prove it. Ive loved you since I was 14 lol.... wow do i sound creepy......let me start again...
Dear Mr. Filth,
If I get to meet you I will die happy... Forget meet you if I can just be in the same room as you I will be able to handle all the rest of the annoyances of everyday life because I will have met my idol.

ok All I think you get the point. I am very worn out from the excitement.

Also ive come up with a new word... It is
drogging= drunk + blogging

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