Sunday, February 27, 2011

got chased

Was out trying to walk my dog heard a noise and saw a very large dog following me on the other side of the road. When I went to walk home he started to run towards me so I had to run home. Got in the gate and ran into the house. Good thing I can carry fuzzy in one hand.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

deleting a app on iphone

1. press and hold on the icon until it begins to wiggle.

How to get free ringtone to iphone

  1. go to
  2. sign up or sign in with facebook
  3. click ringtones

A hacienda billboard speaks of things all to lightly.

I was just sitting on facebook when someone mentioned this billboard that was cause for some alarm. I didn’t understand what the issue was until I looked up more information about the reference. This is the billboard below:

Now maybe its just my age but I didn’t know what it was talking about. But after research I find myself a little agitated but also laughing at what people are saying about this billboard on facebook. it isn’t something that should be taken to lightly because these things can happen again and people need to be reminded of the horror of what it was.

If you don’t know what I mean I am referring to a community that was created by a religious group and had many people in this group. They followed their leader (Jim Jones) into ritual suicide. 918 people died for more information go HERE. They drank cyanide laced grape cool-aid
more info on billboard HERE

Whats in a name? Iphone 4 what does that really mean?

A lot of people have become confused about what iPhone 4 really means. Popularly known as the “4G” the truth has become more and more obscured to the everyday user. It has been called “4G” by the more apple following users because it is the 4th generation of iPhone and as just like with the iPods most are listed by generation so many users continue in that fashion with the iPhone also.

How to tell the difference between a wifi and a wifi+3G ipad.

I know a lot of people are getting these as gifts without the box and are unsure about wither they have been given the wifi only or wifi and 3G version so I decided to write this to help you out.


Friday, February 25, 2011

The little red phone.

There once was a little red phone who cried rain. Every time he cried rain his family would come running with an umbrella and every time they came running he would collapse with laughter.his family told him time and time again to stop playing but he did not listen. one day while outside playing they sky suddenly grew dark he screamed and cried as he ran towards his home but no one came. they sky opened and dumped the rain upon the ground and the little red phone. he cried as his circuits were soaked and his battery died. they found his body with arm reaching towards the sky the next morning.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dragon Earwrap - New Age & Spiritual Gifts at Pyramid Collection

Dragon Earwrap - New Age & Spiritual Gifts at Pyramid Collection

this is actually quite interesting. ive never seen anything like it.

Crocheted Ribboned Top - New Age & Spiritual Gifts at Pyramid Collection

Crocheted Ribboned Top - New Age & Spiritual Gifts at Pyramid Collection

another beautiful shirt i would love to have.

Black Twill Bodice - New Age & Spiritual Gifts at Pyramid Collection

Black Twill Bodice - New Age & Spiritual Gifts at Pyramid Collection

wither you get black or purple both are wonderful, and they are well priced.



This is not worth the $16.99 I paid. In less than a week gir had began to rub off and it almost split at the seam. Gothic Victorian Lace up Corset Top w/ Fairy Sleeves 2xl Plus size: Everything Else Gothic Victorian Lace up Corset Top w/ Fairy Sleeves 2xl Plus size: Everything Else

Beautiful clothing for all. I love the looks of this.

Punk Boots * TRASHVILLE-205

Punk Boots * TRASHVILLE-205

Omg this are some hot boots and at only $65.95 they are totally worth it.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I was looking into ways of making money with twitter and I found a website that is called revtweet and basically it’s where you post advertisements on your twitter feed and you get paid when so many people click that link or something to that effect. They also have ads you can post in your email signature and blog or forum signature. I just started to use revtweet but I have my doubts that it will work because most people ignore those kinds of thing. If you think you would like to try it you can go to .

My rating for this site is low for now until I see some results I give it a 1 out of 10 stars

Update: I made $0 with Revtweet in the several months I tried to work with them. So my rating has gone down to a 0 out of 10 stars.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

work prayer

Goddess grant me the serenity to deny undertime;courage to stay at work;and wisdom to know how to make money.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Dark dreams coming true.

Dark dreams coming true.
OK so I have always wanted to see this band in concert. The only issue is they barely come to the u.s. So all these years since I was 14 I have obsessed and never had the chance to go. But the other day i started to use twitter and I began to follow them and then i saw something about a concert in Texas and I was like wait.... cof (Cradle of filth) is coming to the USA? So off I jumped from the twitter app on my Iphone and checked the website and sure enough i glance through the tour dates and locations to find the one closest to me and there is 2...... Chicago where my aunt lives and Columbus. so i decided to go to the one in Chicago so i can see my aunt. I ran into a few issues with I was afraid they were going to run out of tickets because the site i went to only showed 9 and then I had to find a place for my animals to go.  so i will be staying with my aunt when im there so i can spend time with the fam and get to see my idol!!!! now the site i was looking at told me the ticket was $63 a ticket but I called Ticketmaster today because I knew I wouldn't get ripped off with them and the tickets were only $37 and they offered insurance so that if i break down and cant go I get my money back!!! so now everything is in motion and i will get to go to the cradle of filth concert!!!!! they are known for hanging out and signing shit so hopefully i will get to meet them and get a pic with!!!! Omg this is one of those things I wanted to do before I die...!

Dear mr.filth I was once the owner of the biggest fan page for you on myspace. You are my god.....I have the email address to prove it. Ive loved you since I was 14 lol.... wow do i sound creepy......let me start again...
Dear Mr. Filth,
If I get to meet you I will die happy... Forget meet you if I can just be in the same room as you I will be able to handle all the rest of the annoyances of everyday life because I will have met my idol.

ok All I think you get the point. I am very worn out from the excitement.

Also ive come up with a new word... It is
drogging= drunk + blogging
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